How To Make Sure Your Canoe Hire Company Is Trustworthy

Hiring a canoe to either take out on the river yourself or to learn how to canoe in requires a lot of trust in the company you are choosing to use, which is why it is vital that you make sure you choose the right one! Canoeing on the River can be dangerous if you do not have the right tuition, advice and equipment, so making sure that you can pick a company that will tick all of the boxes is vital.

It is important to make sure that you take your time when it comes to choosing the right company to canoe with, because companies can come and go without much regard to safety or their customers, which can make life very uncomfortable if things go wrong on the River.

Below, we take a look at the things that we feel are vital to look for when it comes to choosing the right canoe hire company to put your trust into.

Qualifications – There are many qualifications that exist when it comes to training people for this kind of pursuit, so you just need to double check that each instructor has the correct safety and life saving skills and qualifications before you even set foot on the river. Never be ashamed to ask to see these qualifications before you book your lessons because there is no problem with asking to see something that could save your life.

Licenses – There can be various licenses that you need to run a business, but you really need to make sure the company has public liability insurance, just in case things do go wrong. Although licenses can vary from business to business and area to area, just make sure that the company you are planning to use does have the correct license to operate their business on the river.

Recommendations – Recommendations and word of mouth is a fantastic thing, especially if it is generally positive, because people do buy from people and there is much more weight carried in a personal recommendation than any other form of introduction. Ask around your friends, family and colleagues and see if anyone has had good experiences of a canoe hire company in your area, as someone within your circle or group will undoubtedly have an opinion.

Reputation – A company is only as good as its reputation, which has never been so true than with companies that train or instruct people on a certain subject. Ask around the local area about the company you are looking to use and find out what other people think of them and you can also check out online reviews and major review portals to see what pervious customers have experienced.

Established – A company that has been established for many years normally gives an indication that they know what they are doing; else they probably would have been closed down years ago. Although this is never a 100% guarantee that they are good, it does give some idea about the quality of service you are going to get when it comes to choosing your canoe hire company to learn to canoe with.

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