What Makes A Canoe Hire Holiday And Trip So Worthwhile?

Hiring a canoe and setting off onto the tranquil water with the sun shining down on you and at the end of the journey you will be off for a pub meal and a drink sounds amazing, and in reality, it really is. Hiring a canoe and heading off for a few days on the River can be a really rewarding experience, because you will see so many new things and learn so many new skills, or you can just relax and literally go with the flow.

Below, we take a look at our reasons for why taking a canoe trip on the river can be so worthwhile.

Explore New Areas – With quite a few rivers in the UK, you really do have a large choice when it comes to the stretches of river that you can take a canoe onto. Although you need to work out which area is going to be best for you in terms of location and skill demands, when you hire a canoe you will get to see so many new areas, more so than you might in a car or walking.

No Ties – One of the nicest things about hiring a canoe and setting off on the river is that there are no ties, you can usually go where you want without the worry of needing to do this and that. As long as you make sure you plan your journey before hand, you can just go where you like and change your route should you see fit, which means you can do whatever you want when you go onto the river.

Time With Friends And Family – With the modern world being so busy and so interrupted, there is a need for quality time together with your friends and family and you can achieve this by going on a canoe trip and spending some days away from the rest of the world. With no laptop or TV, you will spend some time just talking and lazing around with those that are closest to you, because it’s something none of us do very much these days.

Excitement Or Leisure – The nice thing about hiring a canoe for a short break on the river is that you can do things as you wish. With so many stretches of river to choose from, you can plan your trip to either be exciting or leisurely, depending on what you want to get from your trip. There are some stretches that can be demanding and some that are ideal for those just wanting to relax or are a beginner when it comes to canoeing.

Learn New Skills – Learning new skills gives us all a sense of achievement and if you can learn to canoe and the other skills that come with this type of holiday or short break, you will walk away at the end of your break away not only relaxed and happy, but also feeling like you have actually achieved something, more so than you might sitting on a beach for a week.

So, this year it’s time to book your canoe trip with a qualified and recommended company and set off to see new areas and experience some of natures amazing creations, especially beautiful if you get some nice weather thrown in as well!

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