The Things That Make Canoeing An Ideal Holiday For Everyone

Instead of sitting on the beach, drinking and eating way too much this year, have you ever considered hiring a canoe and heading off down one of the amazing rivers in the UK? With money tight and more people looking to holiday at home this year, hiring a canoe is a cost effective way of enjoying a holiday, because it is not only exciting but also really rewarding.

We take a look below at the reasons why we believe a canoeing experience really is a great holiday for anyone, no matter how old, young, experienced or inexperienced.

Appeals To All Ages – From a young teen all the way through to someone in their retirement years, canoeing can be fun for anyone, as long as they are fit and healthy then they can take to a canoe and set sail down the river after a little bit of instruction from a qualified instructor.

Many Locations – From the long stretches of river all the way through to indoor centres, there are hundreds of locations around the country that you can go and try canoeing at. Although the best experience will always come from canoeing down a long stretch of river, you can use the other venues to really practice your technique before hitting the rivers and open water ways.

Set Your Own Pace – Because you are in full control of where you go and how long you want to spend getting there, you really can set your ideal pace when it comes to the canoe journey, something that is ideal if there are younger or much older members of the group.

Lots To See And Do – If you pick the right stretch of river, you will be able to see so many things and experience so many wonderful sights that you will have the time of your life out on the water. Plan you journey correctly and you can also stop off and take part in other activities along the way, without having to worry about jumping into a car and travelling for miles just to do it.

All Levels Of Expertise Can Enjoy – From a beginner to the professional, anyone that sits in a canoe can gain so much from it, with different stretches of river being more suited to different skill levels than others.

Affordable Type Of Holiday – If you combine a camping and canoeing holiday, then your costs are going to be so much cheaper than staying in a fancy hotel or travelling abroad, something all families are conscious of in a recession. All you need to do is pay for the hire of the canoes, the occasional campsite fee and your food and drink and you will be able to go from place to place knowing that this is not costing you a fortune!

Environmentally Friendly – Although you might have your journey to and from the river, your canoe holiday will be as environmentally friendly as it possibly could be, with no petrol or diesel being used to travel from location to location.

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