Reasons Why Canoeing Makes A Fantastic Hobby For Everyone

Spending some time on a river or a lake with your friends or family on a canoe trip can offer something for everyone, from a relaxing time through to thrills and spills, whatever you want to get from the experience is possible to achieve. One of the greatest aspects of canoeing is that you can pretty much find something in it that you will love, whether it’s seeing new things or getting fit, it is an ideal hobby or activity for the majority of people.

Canoeing has been a popular past time for many years, with clubs, groups and organisations throughout the country offering tuition, meet ups and regular trips out on the water. With so many stretches of river and large lakes in the UK, you are never going to be far away from a place to go canoeing, which again adds to the appeal of this fantastic sporting activity.

Canoeing is also very much affordable, because you can rent the equipment to see if you do enjoy the hobby before you spend out a lot of money on your own gear. One of the biggest advantages of hiring your equipment is that you do not have to worry about storage or transport, because you can just decide where you want to go and then find a company nearby that you can hire it from. Unlike other hobbies where you have to pay as you go, if you do own your own equipment then you can pretty much hit the water without the worry of any other costs, apart from some food and drink for your journey downstream of course!

Canoeing is also a fantastic fitness and exercise sport because you will be working many muscles in your upper body, especially if you go for a challenging stretch of water. You tend to get fit and stronger without even realising that you are doing it, which is why from a fitness point of view, canoeing offers an enjoyable activity for keeping fit and trim and also toning up your body.

Canoeing can also be a hobby or sport that you can enjoy in pretty much any weather, from blazing sunshine through to torrential rain, if it is safe to hit the water then the weather does not really matter. This can make canoeing pretty much an all year round hobby which can appeal to more people rather than just be confined to the Summer, because as we say, as long as it is safe to do so then you can go canoeing throughout the year.

One of the final things that makes canoeing so popular is that no matter where you live, there is often a lake or stretch of river within close proximity to you that will allow you to take part in the hobby without travelling for hours on end to get somewhere. Although it is always nice to see new places, having somewhere close that you can practice or just have a few hours canoeing without much travel is always a bonus.

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