When The Summer Ends, The Canoeing Goes On At Wyedean Canoe Hire

Even though the summer months are now coming to an end, the fun and action doesn’t stop at Wyedean Canoe Hire, so come and hire a canoe now!

The team at Wyedean Canoe Hire have been hiring canoes and teaching canoeists at record breaking numbers this year, but they still have a few more months before they will be taking a well earned Winter break, so now is the perfect time to book your canoe hire session and set off down the stunning River Wye.

The Autumn months turn the River Wye into an amazing and beautiful day out, with a slight chill in the air and the leaves turning a glorious brown / orange colour, now is the time to take a short canoe trip with your friends or family and take in this wonderful season.

Not only are all of their instructors qualified and experienced on the River, they are also proud to offer:

  • Riverside Canoe Hire
  • Kayak Hire on the River Wye
  • Canoe Instruction
  • Riverside location and Camp site with local pub and restaurants
  • Group Bunk House Accommodation and Hotels
  • Large private parking

So, whilst the last few months of the year remain perfect canoeing weather, give the team a ring on 01600 890238 or visit their website by heading over to http://wyedean.co.uk/

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Why Getting A Few Canoe Lessons Can Help You To Enjoy The Sport More

Canoeing is an extremely popular pastime for thousands of people across the UK, mainly because the sport is affordable and enjoyable and appeals to a vast range of people. Unlike some other hobbies, it is often not wise to just jump into a canoe and set off down the river, as tuition can be a vital safety element to stop you getting into trouble.

When you are out on the river or a lake in a canoe, you simply need to know the basics before you set off, because there are fundamental things that you need to know to make the hobby and sport safe enough for you to enjoy properly.

Knowing the basics can make a massive difference to you when you are out on the water, with safety a priority and experience vital, which is something that you cannot just pick up overnight or after a few trips. When you take qualified tuition from a canoeing instructor or club, you will be learning how to stay safe on the river and how to make the most from each trip, with every ounce of experience that they pass onto you helping to build your knowledge of the sport.

Although canoeing is perfectly safe if done correctly, there are many dangers when it comes to taking to water if you do not know what you are doing. You also need to understand the conditions and learn how to read the river, identifying where there are potential dangers and then quickly working out how to avoid them. Safety is the number one reason why tuition is such a vital thing if you are going to learn to canoe properly, because if you are not safe on the river then you are a liability to yourself and the people you are with.

There are also lots of techniques that can be learnt from tuition, little tips and tricks that can make your experience more fun and fulfilled. Although many people can simply pick up the basics by having a go and trying it out, there are fundamental techniques that can help you to progress quicker.

You will also learn about the correct kit you need and also start to understand everything that you need to go canoeing and the type of equipment that you need to be safe on the river and to enjoy the experience all the more. They can also point you in the right direction when it comes to where to get it from and the exact things you need, as it is easy to either under spend or overspend when it comes to getting your new kit for the first time.

Although we feel that canoe tuition is vital when it comes to making sure that you are safe out on the water, you will also learn so much more by spending a few hours or sessions with a qualified instructor before setting sail alone.

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Wyedean Adventure Centre Provides The Perfect Autumn Break This Year

There is still time to take advantage of the mild weather and enjoy a day out at the Wyedean Adventure Centre before the Winter takes its annual grip on our fun!

Wyedean Adventure Centre have a range of activities to make sure that no matter what you want to try this year, there will be something for you. Catering for a wide range of ages, you can bring the whole family along and try out the majority of activities on offer and if you want to turn your trip into a few days, they will only be too happy to help with accommodation as well.

The team at Wyedean Adventure Centre can provide a picnic lunch which can be taken at one of the many stunning viewpoints which are hidden away off the beaten track near our centre.

And why do they do all of this?

Well, they firmly believe that this is a fantastic opportunity to get away from the TV and get a real taste of adventure and fresh air, because there is nothing better than being in the open countryside enjoying something a little bit different to the norm.

The list of activities at Wyedean is extensive, including:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Caving
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • A Rope Course

The adventure centre is perfect for groups of friends, families and corporate team building exercises, so give the team a ring on 01600 890238 or visit the website for more information http://wyedean.co.uk/adventure-activities-2.html

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Reasons Why Canoeing Makes A Fantastic Hobby For Everyone

Spending some time on a river or a lake with your friends or family on a canoe trip can offer something for everyone, from a relaxing time through to thrills and spills, whatever you want to get from the experience is possible to achieve. One of the greatest aspects of canoeing is that you can pretty much find something in it that you will love, whether it’s seeing new things or getting fit, it is an ideal hobby or activity for the majority of people.

Canoeing has been a popular past time for many years, with clubs, groups and organisations throughout the country offering tuition, meet ups and regular trips out on the water. With so many stretches of river and large lakes in the UK, you are never going to be far away from a place to go canoeing, which again adds to the appeal of this fantastic sporting activity.

Canoeing is also very much affordable, because you can rent the equipment to see if you do enjoy the hobby before you spend out a lot of money on your own gear. One of the biggest advantages of hiring your equipment is that you do not have to worry about storage or transport, because you can just decide where you want to go and then find a company nearby that you can hire it from. Unlike other hobbies where you have to pay as you go, if you do own your own equipment then you can pretty much hit the water without the worry of any other costs, apart from some food and drink for your journey downstream of course!

Canoeing is also a fantastic fitness and exercise sport because you will be working many muscles in your upper body, especially if you go for a challenging stretch of water. You tend to get fit and stronger without even realising that you are doing it, which is why from a fitness point of view, canoeing offers an enjoyable activity for keeping fit and trim and also toning up your body.

Canoeing can also be a hobby or sport that you can enjoy in pretty much any weather, from blazing sunshine through to torrential rain, if it is safe to hit the water then the weather does not really matter. This can make canoeing pretty much an all year round hobby which can appeal to more people rather than just be confined to the Summer, because as we say, as long as it is safe to do so then you can go canoeing throughout the year.

One of the final things that makes canoeing so popular is that no matter where you live, there is often a lake or stretch of river within close proximity to you that will allow you to take part in the hobby without travelling for hours on end to get somewhere. Although it is always nice to see new places, having somewhere close that you can practice or just have a few hours canoeing without much travel is always a bonus.

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Come And Spend A Day With Wyedean Adventure Centre – A Special Day To Remember

If you are looking for a day out that is going to be something different from shopping or sightseeing, then why not give Wyedean Adventure Centre a try, offering something for everyone!

Based in the idyllic Forest of Dean and close to both the M4 and M5 Motorways, you are not going to be too far away to spend a day down on Symonds Yat, enjoying all of the activities no matter what the weather is doing.

So, what can you enjoy when visiting Wyedean Adventure Centre?

  • Riverside Canoe Hire
  • Kayak Hire on the River Wye
  • Canoe Instruction
  • Riverside location and Camp site with local pub and restaurants
  • Group Bunk House Accommodation and Hotels
  • Large private parking
  • Adventure Activities days
  • Canoe Equipment Sales and Hire
  • Children’s Summer Play Scheme

All of the activities at Wyedean Adventure Centre are carried out with safety in mind and just to emphasise this point, Wyedean Canoe Hire are the founding member of the River Wye Canoe Hire Association, which has a Protocol covering safety guidelines, environmental issues etc, with a vision of Good safe Fun practice for all.

If you would like to find out more information regarding how you could enjoy a cracking day on the River Wye with Wyedean Canoe Hire then check out the informative website or ring their enquiries team on 01600 890238.

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Wyedean Canoe Hire Centre – Our Customers Love What We Do!

With Wyedean Canoe Hire celebrating 25 years of successful canoe hire on the River Wye, they have built up a large following of customers who have been delighted with their service.

With customers returning year after year to experience the canoe hire activities and the campsite and hotel, Wyedean Canoe Hire offer the complete package when it comes to canoe hire and tuition, making this the perfect place for a day trip or a week’s holiday in the UK.

Based in the stunning Forest of Dean, the canoe hire centre is simply perfectly positioned to guarantee a great trip, but don’t just take Wyedean Canoe Hire’s word for it; check out what some of their recent customers had to say:

Sam – Another great time! The perfect mixture of activity and relaxation. Thanks to all at Wyedean for facilitating it. The Wye is beautiful – well done God!

Paul & Jodie – Brilliant fun canoeing down the river, Staff were friendly, helpful and informative.

Mr Skinner – This is the 2nd time we have used Wyedean and equally impressed. Great staff, very helpful and informative.

Jon & Barbara – Excellent coaching in a safe environment – we were impressed, and would recommend to anyone wanting to try kayaking.

So, now that you have heard what their customers thought about their experience with Wyedean Canoe Hire, come and experience the surroundings and activities for yourself by visiting their website or ringing their bookings team on 01600 890238

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5 Reasons Why Camping And Canoeing Make A Great Trip Away

Combining canoeing and camping together to make a few days away in the UK is something millions of people do every year, and with good reason. When camping and canoeing you have so much freedom to see and do what you want to, without being restricted or tied down to just one area or location.

Canoeing is very a popular hobby or sport in the UK and camping is a very enjoyable pastime for many, so the combination of the two can make a break away from home really come together to make the whole family enjoy their holiday.

Below, we take a look at why we think that camping and canoeing can make the ideal holiday for many families and individuals.

Cost – When you take into account how much it can cost to fly abroad, eat and sleep there for a week, you can soon see that a camping and canoeing holiday can be very cost effective and yet you can still have just as good a time. Add into the equation that it often costs less to cook and drink by your own tent than head out to restaurants every night, the cost of a canoeing and camping holiday begins to look quite good.

Fun For Everyone – Some holidays are more suited to some than others, but camping and canoeing seems to appeal to the majority of people looking for something fun to do. Canoeing is a fantastic sport or hobby for most people because after a little bit of tuition you can really start to enjoy being out in the open, canoeing down a beautiful river at your own pace, without the worry of competition or pressure.

Locations – One of the great things about choosing to hire a canoe and also combine it with some camping is that you suddenly find yourself being able to go to lots of locations, rather than just being subjected to a few areas here and there. Although our next point is journey times, it really does make a difference if you don’t have to drive or fly for hours just to go on holiday, which is a plus point when it comes to camping and canoeing because there are so many possibilities.

Journey Times – As previously mentioned, you can pretty much drive to a camping and canoeing spot within hours, rather than having to drive to an airport or spend all day on a train or boat to go on holiday. If you have a large family then this really is a major plus point, because there is nothing worse than spending all day travelling to go on holiday with everyone moaning about how long it is taking to get there.

Not Weather Dependant – If you do not mind getting wet or camping in the cold, then this type of holiday means that you can pretty much participate all year around, as long as the conditions are safe enough to allow it. Some holidays or activities rely on the weather being perfect, which as most of us know does not happen much in the UK, so this type of holiday means you are less dependent on the weather conditions which is often ideal.

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How To Research The Perfect Adventure Holiday For Your Family

Even though the summer is drawing to a close and the kids are facing the daunting prospect of heading back to school, planning the perfect adventure holiday is something that many might be thinking about already for next year. Trying to get an adventure holiday that suits all of the family can be quite difficult, but with a little bit of planning and expertise, you can get something that is going to be ideal for everyone.

Planning a holiday is always exciting and even more so when you throw a few adventure activities into the mix.

Below, we take a look at our top tips when it comes to planning the perfect adventure holiday for your family.

Decide What You Want To Do – From rock climbing to canoeing and water skiing to hiking, there are hundreds of different activities that you could choose from and combine a holiday with. It is important to make sure that you decide what you want to do and whether it would be suitable for your entire family before beginning your research into it.

Choose A Few Possible Locations – Depending on what you decide you want to do will depend where you can actually take part in this activity, so you can then set about choosing some possible locations. Because you will probably not want to be partaking in activities every single day of your holiday, you might want to choose somewhere where there are other things to do and also consider where you are going to stay and eat etc.

Decide Your Budget – Every holiday needs a budget or else you could end up overspending and spend way beyond your means, which can cause issues when you get back from holiday and are faced with large debts.

Use The Internet – The Internet has transformed how we can source, find and book holidays and this is no different when it comes to choosing an adventure holiday. The majority of activity centres have their own website so you can quickly find what you are looking for and you might also want to make use of some of the online review sites that can offer previous customer reviews about the location and activity.

Ask Around – If you have a large pool of friends, colleagues and family, then one of your best research methods is to simply ask around and find out if they have been anywhere on an adventure holiday.

Of course, there are other things that you can do to find a great place to have an adventure holiday, but the pointers above should give you a good start when it comes to researching a cracking adventure holiday for your family.

When going on an adventure holiday with your family it is crucial that you take into account the abilities of everyone in the party, because if you have young children or elderly parents that you are travelling with, then they might not be able to all take part to the same degree as you might be able to.

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Wyedean Canoe Centre Makes Canoeing More Affordable This Summer

If you have wanted to try canoeing but have been worried about the cost or finding a canoe hire company that you could actually trust, then it is time to give Wyedean Canoe Centre a ring to not only get the best on the river but to also enjoy exclusive week day discounts.

Wyedean Canoe Centre are offering a stunning 10% Discount to all pre-booked customers  on weekday bookings and all you need to do is quote “Happy 25th” when you contact the team at Wyedean Canoe Hire to discuss and make your booking.

As you can probably guess from the discount code, Wyedean Canoe Centre are celebrating 25 years in the business, making them one of the most established, experienced and professional canoe hire companies you could ever hope to find.

Based at Symonds Yat on the popular River Wye, the highly qualified team are ready to make sure your canoe hire experience will be a thoroughly happy and enjoyable one and they have the reviews and testimonials to prove it.

So, if you want to take advantage of this amazing celebratory birthday offer and hire a canoe with Wyedean Canoe Centre on the River Wye, don’t forget to quote “Happy 25th” when making your booking, but terms and conditions do apply.

Give the bookings team a ring on 01600 890238 or email them via their website – http://wyedean.co.uk/contact.html

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It’s Not Too Late To Hire A Canoe For The Summer With Wyedean Canoe Centre

Just because it is August does not mean you have left it too late to hire a canoe for a few days on the River Wye, thanks to Wyedean Canoe Centre who have invested in even more canoes this year to cope with increasing demand!

Because the team at Wyedean Canoe Centre continue to experience massive demand levels throughout the more popular summer months, they have now invested in a bigger range of canoes to make sure they can offer more people the chance to have an amazing experience on the tranquil River Wye this summer.

Why Hiring A Canoe With Wyedean Canoe Centre Makes Sense This Summer:

  • A Modern Fleet of over 60 canoes and trailers
  • Highly Qualified and experienced river guides
  • Intimate and unrivalled knowledge of the river and local wildlife
  • Private parking, moorings and easy access/egress to and from the river
  • Three state of the art minibuses with drivers who are qualified outdoor Instructors
  • Packed lunch menu now available when requested on booking

Whilst the summer is here it is time to head out onto the River Wye and experience some of the most special sights you could possibly hope to from a day or a few days away from home.

If you have never tried canoeing then the team at Wyedean are only too happy to arrange specialist tuition or even accompany you on your trip, so there really is nothing to worry about when it comes to using this established and experienced company.

So, if you fancy the idea of hiring a canoe and doing something a little bit different this Summer, then give Wyedean Canoe Hire a ring on 01600 890238 or visit their website for more information and prices by heading over to http://wyedean.co.uk

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