How To Plan The Perfect River Trip When Canoeing

Going on a river trip with your friends, family or even your colleagues is an exciting prospect, with so many places to go and so many things to see in this country and abroad. Like any trip, to get the most out of your mini voyage you need to adequately plan your time on the river, including your starting location, journey and various other fundamentals to make sure you get the rewarding experience you want.

Below, we take a look at some of our important tips when it comes to planning the perfect river trip when heading out onto the open stretches of water with a canoe.

Pick Your Location – Before you even think about hiring a canoe or setting off, make sure that you pick the area that you wish to head over to and then take things from there. For example, if you wanted to head to the South West then you should look at suitable rivers and find canoe hire companies that can accommodate you and then make a firm decision about where you are off to.

Plan Your Starting Point – Even if you know that you want to canoe on the River Wye for example, you still have to find a point to start from, as you cannot just pitch up in a Farmer’s field and jump onto a river without permission or prior planning. Contact a few local canoe companies that will be able to offer advice and also carry out research on the Internet to make sure that you find the correct starting points to begin your journey.

Make A List Of Things To See – If you want to make the most of your river trip then try to research the area that you plan to canoe through and pin point a list of things you want to do and see. Spending three days just paddling along the river could be boring for some, so trying to break the trip up by find exciting new things to see and do can make your trip that little bit more special for the whole group.

Look At Accommodation – You need to make the decision about where you are going to stay on your trip because if you do not plan this aspect of the journey then you could be in trouble. If you are going to camp then make sure you find spots that are suitable and areas where you have permission and if you are looking at hotels or B & B’s then make sure you find ones that can accommodate you and your equipment.

Who To Go With – A good holiday or trip can often come down to the company that you choose to go with, because if there is a large group of you and the mixture is just not right, it could spoil your time on the river. If you have a family then you may decide that your youngest child might just not be up to the trip and if you are worried about them, leave it until you think they will be ok or try to find someone else to stay with them whilst you go canoeing.

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Looking At Why Canoeing Has Become So Popular In The United Kingdom

Canoeing has become a very popular sporting and social activity in the United Kingdom, with more and more people focusing their spare time on this productive and enjoyable pastime. Canoeing is popular with all ages and both sexes, mainly because anyone can do it as long as they have the basic River skills which most canoe hire companies will quite happily assist with.

With so many ideal rivers throughout the country, you are never really that far away when it comes to hiring a canoe and heading off on your travels or simply just finding something to do for a few hours.

There is no doubt that if you get a nice summer’s day and a group of your friends and family together, hiring a few canoes and setting off is a great way to spend time with other people, enjoying a popular hobby and also learning about the places you are travelling through. With some of the rivers passing through open countryside and next to beautiful villages, there is so much to see and do when it comes to hiring a canoe.

Below, we take a look at some of the reasons we believe that has helped canoeing become as popular as it has.

Price – Although canoeing is not a cheap hobby, it is certainly a very affordable leisure activity, because you can either choose to buy your own kit or hire canoes when and as you need them. All you need is a canoe and the safety equipment in terms of the things you need to enjoy this activity, which means with just a little bit of investment you can have something that lasts you for years.

Choice – With so many rivers and so many stretches of the river throughout the UK, you are pretty much spoilt for choice. No matter where you live, you are never that far away from a river or a canoeing lake, meaning that if you are close to somewhere suitable you can enjoy something that allows you to see many different things every time you head onto your chosen location.

Excitement – One of the most important aspects of canoeing is that you are in control over the level of difficulty when it comes to choosing where you want to canoe. If you just want to start off and experience a tranquil and leisurely paddle down the river then a canoe hire company can advise you where to go and likewise should you want something a bit more exciting.

Everyone Can Do It – As long as you are willing to take some tuition, learn some safety skills and wear the right equipment, pretty much anyone of an able age can take part in canoeing, from groups of school children right the way through to large groups of adults. It is vital to make sure that you get experience under your belt before you head off on your own, but it really is an activity that anyone can enjoy.

Experience – From tranquil waters in open country side through to exciting stretches in rainy weather, canoeing can offer you a massive experience every time you go out on the river. Every canoe trip will be different with many more things to see and do, so this activity really can give you many experiences all in one trip.

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Wyedean Canoe Hire – Celebrating 25 Years Of Successful Canoe Hire And Instruction

Wyedean Canoe Hire are celebrating 25 years of successful canoe hire and instruction on the River Wye and are inviting you to join them with some fantastic midweek offers and group saving deals.

To celebrate their 25th Year of business on Symonds Yat, the team at Wyedean Canoe Hire are offering a 10% Discount to all pre-booked customers on week day bookings and 20% for all bookings out of season.

Wyedean Canoe Hire is proud to be:

  • The leading canoe hire company on the River Wye in terms of safety and fun.
  • Located in a beautiful location with amazing scenery and a rich local history.
  • Fortunate to have some of the highest qualified members of staff in the outdoor industry.
  • Passionate about their sport.
  • Flexible and helpful to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment possible from your activity.

All you need to do is quote “Happy 25th” when you contact the team at Wyedean Canoe Hire, either by phone or by email and your discount will then be applied to your total booking, meaning that not only will you be canoeing with one of the most established canoe hire companies, but you will also be saving money in the process!

Hire a canoe from their riverside site and simply paddle away until you have had enough and drift or paddle back or you can take a short and gentle river trip from Kerne Bridge or Lydbrook and take in the thrills and scenery that make the River Wye an amazing canoeing experience.

So, if you want to take advantage of this amazing celebratory offer and hire a canoe with Wyedean, don’t forget to quote “Happy 25th” when making your booking, but terms and conditions do apply.

Give the team a ring on 01600 890238 or contact them via their website –

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Learn To Canoe With Wyedean – 25 Years Of Established Experience And Recommendation

If you are thinking of learning to canoe over the next few months, then why not learn with Wyedean Canoe Hire, one of the most established, experienced and professional canoe hire companies on the River Wye who are celebrating 25 years worth of successful tuition.

Help them celebrate their 25th Year of business in Symonds Yat, because the team at Wyedean Canoe Hire are offering an amazing 10% Discount to all pre-booked customers on week day bookings and 20% for all bookings out of season.

Wyedean Canoe Hire is you perfect partner when it comes to canoe instruction because:

  • They have 25 years of experience
  • All instructors are qualified to the highest level
  • All equipment is modern and safe
  • The River Wye offers a fantastic learning environment
  • Discounts are available for block bookings

The team at Wyedean Canoe Hire know how to make sure that you not only enjoy your lesson, but that you will learn in a safe and beautiful environment, with all of their team members offering years of experience when it comes teaching people how to canoe.

Don’t forget to help them celebrate their 25th birthday and take advantage of this amazing celebratory offer and hire a canoe with Wyedean,  just remember to quote “Happy 25th” when making your reservation, but terms and conditions do apply.

Give the team a ring on 01600 890238 or contact them via their website –

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How To Make Sure Your Canoe Hire Company Is Trustworthy

Hiring a canoe to either take out on the river yourself or to learn how to canoe in requires a lot of trust in the company you are choosing to use, which is why it is vital that you make sure you choose the right one! Canoeing on the River can be dangerous if you do not have the right tuition, advice and equipment, so making sure that you can pick a company that will tick all of the boxes is vital.

It is important to make sure that you take your time when it comes to choosing the right company to canoe with, because companies can come and go without much regard to safety or their customers, which can make life very uncomfortable if things go wrong on the River.

Below, we take a look at the things that we feel are vital to look for when it comes to choosing the right canoe hire company to put your trust into.

Qualifications – There are many qualifications that exist when it comes to training people for this kind of pursuit, so you just need to double check that each instructor has the correct safety and life saving skills and qualifications before you even set foot on the river. Never be ashamed to ask to see these qualifications before you book your lessons because there is no problem with asking to see something that could save your life.

Licenses – There can be various licenses that you need to run a business, but you really need to make sure the company has public liability insurance, just in case things do go wrong. Although licenses can vary from business to business and area to area, just make sure that the company you are planning to use does have the correct license to operate their business on the river.

Recommendations – Recommendations and word of mouth is a fantastic thing, especially if it is generally positive, because people do buy from people and there is much more weight carried in a personal recommendation than any other form of introduction. Ask around your friends, family and colleagues and see if anyone has had good experiences of a canoe hire company in your area, as someone within your circle or group will undoubtedly have an opinion.

Reputation – A company is only as good as its reputation, which has never been so true than with companies that train or instruct people on a certain subject. Ask around the local area about the company you are looking to use and find out what other people think of them and you can also check out online reviews and major review portals to see what pervious customers have experienced.

Established – A company that has been established for many years normally gives an indication that they know what they are doing; else they probably would have been closed down years ago. Although this is never a 100% guarantee that they are good, it does give some idea about the quality of service you are going to get when it comes to choosing your canoe hire company to learn to canoe with.

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Why The River Wye Makes The Ideal Canoeing Location

The River Wye is the fifth longest river in the UK, starting at the Black Mountains in Wales, briefly leaving the country to travel through Herefordshire and the Forest of Dean and then winding its way into the Severn Estuary by Chepstow.  With the river offering over 215km of water to canoe along, there are many reasons why the River Wye is the perfect venue for your canoeing trip this summer.

When embarking on a canoe trip, you really need to make sure that your mini holiday will offer you everything you need it to; from excitement right the way through to making sure you will see the things you want to see.

The River Wye is a perfect place to take your canoe trip and we take a look at some of the reasons why we believe the River Wye is the right river to take your canoe onto.

Location – The Forest of Dean is close to both the M4 and M5 and is also well connected by the train network, making it very easy to travel to and from many areas in the Midlands, South Wales, South and South West England. If you are planning a canoeing trip then the travel time between your home and the actual place where you begin you trip should really be factored in, especially if there is a large group of you going or you have children to consider.

Scenery – The River Wye boasts some of the most amazing scenery you could ever possibly wish to see, from ranging mountains right the way through to Royal Forests, you really will see Mother Nature at her very best. The local towns and villages will take your breath away, with small and charming shops mixed in with the big stores to make sure that you have everything you need but in a much nicer setting.

Long Stretch Of River – As we have mentioned previously, the River Wye offers over 200 km of water to point your canoe towards, meaning that you are bound to find a perfect location for you. With Symonds Yat, country villages and a city along the way, the river is long enough to make a trip last a good period but at the same time offers enough places of interest to really break your trip up and allow you to do other things.

Different Levels Of Difficulty – Because the River Wye stretches through so many different areas and landscapes, there are many levels of difficulty on offer for a canoeist, meaning that if you are inexperienced or a canoe veteran, you will be able to find a stretch of the river that is suitable for you. Whereas some rivers tend to be quite consistent in terms of challenge, the River Wye has so many different turns and obstacles that you can easily find a stretch to either push you to your limits or let you learn how to canoe with ease.

Good Canoe Companies – The River Wye undoubtedly boasts some of the best canoe hire and instruction companies you will find in the UK, mainly because the stretch of river is so popular and therefore supply has to meet demand. Saying that, you still need to do your research carefully and make sure you do opt for the right company, but you can rest assured that you will have plenty to choose from down on this river.

Accommodation – Because of the different areas that the River Wye travels through, you will be lucky enough to find some fabulous accommodation ranging all the way from campsites right the way through to lovely riverside B&B’s and lodges. If you can make your canoe trip last a week then you can afford to take in some amazing sites and there is nothing better than spending all day on the river and then relaxing with a few drinks and some good food at a local pub.

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Save 10% On River Wye Canoe Group This Summer Holidays With Wyedean Canoe Hire

If you have always wanted to go canoeing with a bunch of friends, family members or colleagues and wanted to save yourself some money at the same time, then this summer Wyedean Canoe Hire are offering 10% off for groups of 10 or more (excluding bank holidays).

A trip down the river on a Sunny day with your friends or loved ones is a truly magical experience, with so much to see and do on the fabulous River Wye.

Why Choose Wyedean Canoe Hire:

All instructors are qualified to level 5 with 22 plus years of operating canoe hire on the River Wye safely! No other company in our area has such expertise on the River Wye and this is one of the key reasons that Wyedean Canoe Hire stand above the rest.

They also have a full private vhf radio frequency back up, for support, with the three minibuses fitted with vhf radios along with 2 base stations, one at the river side and one at our outdoor centre with a 30 mile range.

On top of the obviously important safety reasons, Wyedean Canoe Hire also boasts:

  • Fleet of 60 canoes and trailers
  • Qualified and experienced river guides
  • Intimate knowledge of the river and wildlife
  • Private parking, moorings and access/egress to and from the river
  • Three Modern and reliable minibuses with drivers who are qualified outdoor Instructors
  • Packed lunch menu now available

So, if you fancy saving money and having a good time this Summer, then give Wyedean Canoe Hire a ring on 01600 890238 or visit their website for more information

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The Things That Make Canoeing An Ideal Holiday For Everyone

Instead of sitting on the beach, drinking and eating way too much this year, have you ever considered hiring a canoe and heading off down one of the amazing rivers in the UK? With money tight and more people looking to holiday at home this year, hiring a canoe is a cost effective way of enjoying a holiday, because it is not only exciting but also really rewarding.

We take a look below at the reasons why we believe a canoeing experience really is a great holiday for anyone, no matter how old, young, experienced or inexperienced.

Appeals To All Ages – From a young teen all the way through to someone in their retirement years, canoeing can be fun for anyone, as long as they are fit and healthy then they can take to a canoe and set sail down the river after a little bit of instruction from a qualified instructor.

Many Locations – From the long stretches of river all the way through to indoor centres, there are hundreds of locations around the country that you can go and try canoeing at. Although the best experience will always come from canoeing down a long stretch of river, you can use the other venues to really practice your technique before hitting the rivers and open water ways.

Set Your Own Pace – Because you are in full control of where you go and how long you want to spend getting there, you really can set your ideal pace when it comes to the canoe journey, something that is ideal if there are younger or much older members of the group.

Lots To See And Do – If you pick the right stretch of river, you will be able to see so many things and experience so many wonderful sights that you will have the time of your life out on the water. Plan you journey correctly and you can also stop off and take part in other activities along the way, without having to worry about jumping into a car and travelling for miles just to do it.

All Levels Of Expertise Can Enjoy – From a beginner to the professional, anyone that sits in a canoe can gain so much from it, with different stretches of river being more suited to different skill levels than others.

Affordable Type Of Holiday – If you combine a camping and canoeing holiday, then your costs are going to be so much cheaper than staying in a fancy hotel or travelling abroad, something all families are conscious of in a recession. All you need to do is pay for the hire of the canoes, the occasional campsite fee and your food and drink and you will be able to go from place to place knowing that this is not costing you a fortune!

Environmentally Friendly – Although you might have your journey to and from the river, your canoe holiday will be as environmentally friendly as it possibly could be, with no petrol or diesel being used to travel from location to location.

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What Makes A Really Good Adventure Holiday?

Anyone planning an adventure holiday for the Summer or Autumn breaks will know that there is so much to choose from in the UK that it can often be hard to make the right choice. With both indoor and outdoor possibilities, it is vital that you take some time and actually plan what you want from the holiday and consider whether it will be suitable for all of the family.

Below, we take a look at our top tips when it comes to the things that you need to take into account to make sure you get a good adventure holiday this year.

Range Of Activities – If you are going to an adventure centre for a few days, then you are going to want to try your hand (or feet) at a range of activities, so it’s important to choose a centre that offers a wide range of things for you to do. Some people may just be going to concentrate on one activity, but the majority of people will be looking to cram as much into their break as possible, so always check what’s on offer before you book.

Cost – Like any holiday, from a caravan break in Devon through to a cruise around the world, price is always going to play a part in your decision about where you go. Make sure you check out the rough total price for the place that you are thinking of going and always ask if there might be extras or things that are not included in the booking price that you arrange to pay. Things like parking and fuel costs soon mount up and can cause issues financially when you return, so it is worth taking some time to plan your break away with the pennies in mind.

Activities For All Ages – If you have a family and are planning to take them with you, then you need to try and find somewhere that has activities for all of your family members, depending on their age and size. The last thing you want is for 3 of you to be enjoying yourself yet the little one being left on the sidelines because there is nothing for them to do, so it’s vital that you check there is something for everyone or it could be a very restricted holiday.

All Weathers – We have all had experience of the Great British Summers, some greater than others, and this is why it is vital that you try to go somewhere that offers both outdoor and indoor adventure activities. If you put all of your eggs into one basket and go for just outdoor, if you get a really bad couple of rainy days then your whole holiday or break away could just turn into one big frustration.

Location – When you take into account you will need to get to the activity centre, whether it’s by driving or by taking a train or other public transport, then this all adds up in terms of cost. Therefore it is crucial that you work out your travelling costs and take them into account when working out how much the whole holiday will cost, because there is no point in leaving yourself struggling financially just because you booked something so far away.

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Try An Adventure Holiday In The UK This Summer – With Wyedean Adventure Centre

If lazing around on a beach is not your cup of tea and you need to get a sense of doing something for your next holiday, then why not consider a few days at the Wyedean Adventure Centre, based in the amazing Forest of Dean.

From canoe hire to rock climbing, you will find an activity to suit your requirements, from the young to the old, there really is something to meet everyone’s requirements, no matter how adventurous you are feeling.

Wyedean Adventure Centre can prepare a programme of exciting and challenging Adventure activities during which you can be instructed and supervised by nationally qualified specialists and not only enjoy but also learn.

Wyedean Adventure Centre ensure that you and your party receive the ultimate experience and benefits from some real action adventure or, if you prefer, a gentle paddle down the river in one of their modern canoes or kayaks.

The range of activities that you can enjoy on your day visit or longer break includes:

  • Canoe Hire And Kayak Hire
  • Canoeing & Kayaking Lessons
  • Rock Climbing
  • Caving
  • Ropes Course
  • Indoor climbing wall
  • Abseiling
  • Archery
  • Adventure Walks
  • Raft Building

All of the Instructors at Wyedean are selected both for their specialist qualifications and their personal skills. They are professionals who are keen to provide a safe and valuable Adventure Activity experience to all participants.

Wyedean Adventure Centre pride themselves of being able to provide expert, friendly tuition with a understanding approach to Canoe Hire and Adventure Activity customers.

If you would like to find out more information about any of the adventure breaks offered by Wyedean then please call their specialist team on 01600 890238 or visit their information packed website by clicking here.

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